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Thunderbirds rugby football club are the most successful Ladies rugby team in Uganda. founded in 2003 at kyadondo sports club,

first Coach was the late Jim Park who was very instrumental in the development of rugby in Uganda hence the thunderbirds were coached by (the late ) Jim Park for most of the time , Later Robert Seguya was involved in coaching of thunderbirds until Jim Park(RiP) returned.


The Thunderbirds would go an complete in the kaberi sevens in Kenya winning the first edition in mid 2000s and won that circuit

Thunderbirds gave base for most of the national team Uganda ladies cranes in the 15’s and 7’s facets of the game.Thunderbirds also provided majority of Players that have participated in the Rugby sevens world cup 2009. These included. Christine Kizito, Rosenberg Kanyunyuzi, Winnie Atyang, Namuyomba Joan, Ann Tumusime Among to mention but a few players who have played for the national ladies team.

Thunderbirds RFC over the years

Thuderbirds in early 2002

2003-2005 thunderbirds

  • Ladies Category at the Kyadondo 7's
  • Kabeberi sevens
  • Kisumu Sevens

Thunderbirds in mid 2000's

Thunderbirds 2005-2009 won all the national sevens and 15's Ladies Rugby Titles

  • Safari sevens Plate
  • Ladies category kyadondo sevens
  • ladies 15's rugby Trophies

2009-2015 Thunderbirds

2009-2015 Thunderbirds Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distrib

  • Ladies 15's
  • Ladies 7's

Thunderbirds after 2015

2015- Thunderbirds Lorem Ipsum is that it has a more-or-less normal distrib

  • Ladies 15's
  • Ladies 7's

Captians in our History

  •  Lilian Ikumulet

    Lilian Ikumulate was the first Captian of thunderbirds in 2003 until late 2000's when she left for Germany

      2003 - 2008

  •   Cristine Kizito

    Christine Kizito became captain after Lilian Left, and was Later leading Thunderbirds to countless trophies

      2015 - Date

  •   Warry Ssenfuka Joanita

      2015 - Date

  •   Aweko Evelyn

      2015 - Date

  •   Aisha Nakityo Nabulime

      2015 - Date

  •   Winnie Atyang

      2015 - Date

  •   Samiya Ayikoru

      2015 - Date

Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to life long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences

Source:  World Rugby  (Laws of the Game)

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