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Heathens Rugby Football Club now Hima Cement Heathens RFC was formed in 1999 , Hima Cement Heathens are Uganda's most successful rugby team which will now take the title Hima Cement Heathens. Hima Cement and Heathens Rugby Football Club team finalized a sponsorship deal that will saw the cement manufacturer become the team's name sponsor.

Then Hima- Cement Heathens are the Nile Special Premiership Rugby champions for the Season 2018 -2019,While we finished Second in the Uganda Cup 2018. Then Hima- Cement Heathens have also won all local accolades, 2001 and 2009 as a clean sweep with our first League win in 1991,


Blackheath Rugby Club a rugby club from the London, UK was affiliated to Kampala Rugby Club. Which had Kampala Old Boys as a member. Due to many number of local and expatriates’ players a second side was formed in 1960. Blackheath’s second side wore black/red socks and was named Heathens. In recognition of the affiliation Kampala wore red/black socks which were the same as Blackheath’s second side and the second sided was named Heathens hence the birth of the team Heathens. Heathens normally played their games on Wednesday evenings against teams like Namilyango, Makerere College School etc However, during Amin’s time in the 70’s the team Heathens ceased to be since most of the players were expatriates.

The resurgence of Heathens:

In 1985 by Paul Volrath and Paul Cockerill alongside Jerry Burley and a host of others resurrected the team. In 1987 Ian Walker and Paul Volrath continued the earlier works and the name Heathens for the team was maintained. Heathens have since 1990 had numerous sponsors (DHL in the 90s, MTN from 1999-2014 and HIMA Cement since 2016) they have also won local accolades, 2001 and 2009 a clean sweep. Below is the winners log for Heathens.

Heathens over the years

Heathens of 2002

Heathens 2002

  • National League
  • The Uganda Cup
  • National Club Sevens

Heathens of 2004

Heathens 2002

  • National League
  • The Uganda Cup
  • National Club Sevens

Heathens of 2009

Heathens 2009

  • National League
  • The Uganda Cup
  • National Club Sevens
  • Makerere 10's

Heathens after 2015

Heathens 2015 Rebranded the Hima Cement Heathens

Captians in our History

  •   Tolbert Onyango

    Captain of the Heathens

      2000 - TBC

  •   Robert Seguya

    Captain of the Heathens

      2005- Date

  •   Brian Tabaruka

    Captained the Hima cement Heathens During the period of 2009-2011

      2009 - 2011

  •   Romano Ogwal

      2015 - Date

  •   Alex Mubiru

      2015 - Date

  •   Micheal Wokorach

      2015 - Date

Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to life long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences

Source:  World Rugby  (Laws of the Game)

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