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Who We are

Kyadondo Sports Club is a rugby union ground in Kampala, Uganda. It was established in 1999. Facilities include main ground,a Gym, a training pitch and a club house. The ground is home to several club teams, among them Heathens RFC, a leading rugby club in Uganda. It has also hosted home games of theUganda national rugby union team and hosted many international World Rugby Games over the years. The club has also been a concert venue,

  • Long Term Player Development
  • Sports Support
  • Talent Identification and Development

Our EXCOM Includes

David Mutaka


Philip Kiboijana

Vice - Chairman

Racheal Odoi


Tolbert Onyango

Director Of Rugby

Our Core Values


  • We play selflessly, working for the team not for ourselves alone, both on and off the field.
  • We speak out if our team or sport is threatened by inappropriate behaviour or actions.
  • We take pride in our team, rely on one another and understand that each player has a part to play.
  • We welcome all new team members and include all because working as a team enriches our lives.


  • Discipline underpins our sport.
  • We ensure that our sport is one of controlled physical endeavour and that we are honest and fair.
  • We obey the ‘Laws of the Game’ which are there to ensure and inclusive game.
  • We support our disciplinary which protects our sport and upholds its values.


  • Sportsmanship is the foundation rugby is built upon.
  • We uphold the traditions of camaraderie with team mates and opposition alike.
  • We observe fair play both on and off the pitch and are generous in victory and dignified in defeat.
  • We play to win but not at all costs and recognise both endeavour and achievement.
  • We ensure that the well-being development of individual players is central to all our rugby activity.


  • Enjoyment is the reason we play and support the game of rugby.
  • We encourage players to enjoy training and playing.
  • We use our sport to adopt a healthy lifestyle and build life skills.
  • We safeguard our young players and help them have fun.
  • We enjoy being part of a team and part of the rugby family because it enhances confidence and self esteem.


  • We want our children to give every effort to achieve their full potential;
  • we want them to get to where they never thought they could.
  • We encourage them to push themselves to their limits and support them beyond.
  • Every player, no matter what their skill level, should feel they can achieve a personal goal within the team,
  • Every team can achieve a goal, despite their position on the ladder or even when all hope of winning a game has gone.


  • It's the passion for the game and everything it stands for that carries players through the toughest of trainings and hardest losses.
  • we want more involment,The more we put in, the more we get out of it. The more involved you get in the club the more enjoyment you’ll derive from it.
  • We encourage Respect for the club, for self and for others; understanding and embracing our club’s traditions and those of the rugby code;

Latest News

Admins 2019-08-14 / 09:10:16

Kyadondo set for Uganda Vs Zambia Rugby Match

Kyadondo is privileged to host yet another 15 international game of the Victoria cup 2019 this year, The Rugby Cranes have high hopes of the rugby cranes coming out victors and the end of the game come satuarday. The Uganda rugby cranes will be hosting their last home game of the Victoria cup this year at kyadondo sports club.

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Admins 2016-03-05 / 09:10:16

Kyadondo Celebrates 20 years in existance

Marking 20 years this July is a great achievement for Kayadondo Sports Club as a rugby entity The club will hold an official Celebration later in August while the Event Date is yet to be confrmded officially.

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Admin 2016-03-05 / 09:10:16

Rugby Out-Reach: Kyadondo Supports Jiinja

Members from Kyadondo Rugby Club have handed over rugby equipment like Tackle bags, Ruck shields and balls to the administration of Jinja SS, This was in a move to thank and strengthen the relationship between the Jinja Secondary school,

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Rugby provides a unifying spirit that leads to life long friendships, camaraderie, teamwork and loyalty which transcends cultural, geographic, political and religious differences

Source:  World Rugby  (Laws of the Game)

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